Lögdeälvens Wildnis Trail

  • Huskykennel Lappland
  • Huskykennel Lappland
  • Huskykennel Lappland
  • Huskykennel Lappland
  • Huskykennel Lappland
  • Huskykennel Lappland
  • Huskykennel Lappland
  • Huskykennel Lappland
  • Huskykennel Lappland
  • Huskykennel Lappland
  • Huskykennel Lappland
  • Huskykennel Lappland
  • Huskykennel Lappland
  • Huskykennel Lappland
  • Huskykennel Lappland
  • Huskykennel Lappland

Swallowed by breathtaking scenery and wildlife in Swedish Lapland for a few days to dive into an unforgettable experience.

Life in and with nature is to find your own rhythm while walking, divide one's own energy and rest. This adventurous trek from the wilderness unto the mouth of the sea along the river is offered as a  tour with stay in huts or shelters along the trail. This is a journey that offers a lot of opportunity in fantastic surroundings to learn a lot about nature and oneself.

The river flows quietly sometimes, then again loud rustling through massive cataracts. The salmon draw the river up and we towards the sea. During our multi-day tour we walk through the various zones of nature. The flora and fauna is more than interesting and the encounter with a moose is very likely. Should you like to fish, you can actively expand the menu, and who want to learn more about Bushcraft is invited a lot about life in the countryside to learn. In the evening the day is then reflected by the campfire before the tiredness leads into the sleeping bag.

This tour is not a easy walk, and each sporty minded participants would be on a day 4 - 8 hours to wander with a lot of luggage. Condition is less than demanded perseverance and a strong will to tackle the day's stage sometimes with a bubble on the feet. For each participant will receive the very special opportunity to rearrange his thoughts themselves and strengthen his personality while living in the here and now. Who wants can be on a journey to yourself.


Day 1:
, Evening in the outdoor camp with campfire, info about the next days, packing the  equipment

Day 2:
Transfer to the starting point of the tour, first day's stage

Day 3:
2nd day stage

Day 4:
3rd day stage

Day 5:
4th day's stage and transfer back to the outdoor camp

Day 6:
Reserve day if required to complete the Tour, otherwise relaxing day at the Guesthouse or action day with the huskies at the Huskykennel Lappland, or possibility to an adventurous canoe trip with BBQ

Day 7:


7 days - 3 - 4 days Trekking Tour 2 - 3 days holiday house Ångermanälven

Number of entrants

2 - 6 people (larger groups on request)

Number of entrants for a group reservation for a individual appointment

from 4 people


In the ice and snow-free period - Individual booking for the desired date

More Informations to the adventure

Self-catering Tour, everyone carries his own luggage and food by himself. Overnight in huts along the trekkingrout or in shelters in the own sleeping bag. It is cooked together, made a fire, made the camp clean again and dispose of waste. Teamwork is a very important component to the success of the tour. We offer a photo service and each participant will receive a CD with images of the highlights as a reminder.

Prerequisites for attending

Adults Tour, enough stamina for daily stages of up to max. 30 km and the strength to carry his own luggage and food. Perseverance and the attitude to life and sleeping in nature and plenty of team spirit to the daily camp life to tackle together.



The tour is carried out in all weather conditions. In heavy rain or storm a change in the program sequence is possible.

Onlooker possible


Clothes / Equipment

Suitable Trekking clothing and change clothes, very good trekking or hiking boots are to test definitely at home on long-distance comfort. Rainwear, enough underwear / socks / t-shirts for change. Your own sleeping bag with pad (very good: filled with air), Private cutlery, cup and dish, water bottle and outdoor equipment as required. Own large trekking Rucksack with enough space for the whole own equipment. Camera, headlamp, diary, hygiene / toiletry, book, etc. . We rent to availability and request a lot of equipment cha We happy to help you select the equipment.  Parts of the equipment are available to rent from us with rental fee, ask us! (for example: trekking rucksack, sleeping bag, fishing equipment, etc.). Suitable mosquito repellent, Trekking Food "Travellunch" and fishing license available locally.

Kettle, cooking pan, saw, ax, and other necessary camping equipment is provided by us and distributed among the participants to carry while the Trekking Tour.



Other informations / Supplements for the customer

We have a detailed packing list as a PDF for the trek together so that nothing is forgotten!


  • Lögdeälvens Wilderness Trail
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